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CMS Alert/Update
On March 4, 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a transmittal stating: "CMS is committed to taking critical steps to ensure America’s health care facilities and clinical laboratories are prepared to respond to the threat of the COVID-19 and other respiratory illness. Specifically, CMS is suspending non-emergency inspections across the country, allowing inspectors to turn their focus on the most serious health and safety threats like infectious diseases and abuse."
Effective immediately, survey activity is limited to the following (in Priority Order):
  • All immediate jeopardy complaints (cases that represents a situation in which entity noncompliance has placed the health and safety of recipients in its care at risk for serious injury, serious harm, serious impairment or death or harm) and allegations of abuse and neglect;
  • Complaints alleging infection control concerns, including facilities with potential COVID-19 or other respiratory illnesses;
  • Statutorily required re certification surveys (Nursing Home, Home Health, Hospice, and ICF/IID facilities);
  • Any re-visits necessary to resolve current enforcement actions;
  • Initial certifications;
  • Surveys of facilities/hospitals that have a history of infection control deficiencies at the immediate jeopardy level in the last three years;
  • Surveys of facilities/hospitals/dialysis centers that have a history of infection control deficiencies at lower levels than immediate jeopardy.



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Our NOAAP President Lori Presser was interviewed last week for her thoughts on Activity Professionals in nursing homes.  Here is a link:



Message from Governor Mike DeWine

Governor DeWine Institutes Limits on Visits to Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living 

At the press conference, Governor DeWine announced state-mandated limitations on visitors to Ohio nursing homes and assisted living facilities. An executive order has been signed to this effect.

As has been heavily covered, older Ohioans are those most vulnerable to the disease. Per Director Acton, among individuals aged 40-50, 1 in 250 infected will die of the disease. For those aged over 80, COVID-19 has a 15% mortality rate.

Governor DeWine and Director Acton announced that:

  • Residents will be limited to one visitor per day;
  • The visitor is required to undergo a basic health exam, including temperature testing; and
  • Facilities will have to maintain a log of visitors.

It is unclear at this time whether hospice clinicians will be counted as visitors or as necessary health care providers under the executive order.

Governor DeWine also noted that as the pandemic worsens, the Administration may ban visitors to nursing homes altogether until the threat passes. As of now, the order only affects nursing facilities and assisted living providers.

Creating a policy to limit access for individuals with deliveries is important. Nursing homes should ask suppliers to deliver supplies to a designated location, such as loading dock, without entering the building as a policy to ensure vendors and suppliers are adhering to the governor's order.

These strong mandates come as providers around the state begin to enact new visitation limitations, per guidance from CMS and CDC, and other health authorities.

Banning Mass Meetings

DeWine also stated that he is pursuing a ban on mass meetings in the State of Ohio. This would include professional sporting events, such as the Columbus Blue Jackets, Cleveland Cavaliers, and NCAA March Madness games in Cleveland, as well as smaller community events.

This order has not yet been signed but will be released in the coming days.

Providers in Ohio should consider this when holding faith services, game nights, communal dining, and other gatherings in which older adults congregate. Although engagement is critical for the health of older adults, avoiding crowds is a must for protecting the lives and safety of those whom we serve during this time.

Having activity directors and other staff work with residents on using video chat tools - like FaceTime, Skype, and more - can be a helpful substitute for family interaction during this difficult time.

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